Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Paella and Four Other Things to do in Valencia, Spain

Sick of browsing through the soft bods in your dad's old issues of Travel+Leisure?  Want to know where to find club drugs in Beijing?  I discovered the travel blog Off Track Planet this week, and I think you'll like it.

The design and photos are top notch (get your weak typography and cellphone pics out of here!), and the features range from "Volunteering for Broke Ass Travelers" to "Partying Your Ass Off in ____" and everything in between.

Imagine the guys from Vice birthed a bastard blog child fathered by Nomadic Matt.  The writers manage to keep it edgy without coming off like complete clowns.

It looks like they are in the middle of a refresh so request an invite to the new site, and then check out their previous content here.

Now, the main item I wanted to pass along.  Since we have a Spanish School in Valencia, Spain I figured the following list would be of interest to anyone considering studying with us:

5 Things You Must Do in Valencia Spain (Off Track Planet)

Go easy on the frothy milk.  Enjoy.


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